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We are pleased to announce that half year memberships are now available for the 2020 membership year.

Eastside FPV are fully affiliated with the VMAA, MAAA, AUFPV.

  • 6 month membership period begins on the 1st January 2020 and ends on 30th June 2020.
  • You are required to have membership and insurance coverage with the MAAA to fly at Eastside FPV. If you don’t have existing coverage you can join here with the MAAA options below.
  • IMPORTANT: If you have previously held an MAAA membership at any time, even if it has since expired, you are only able to purchase MAAA membership for the full financial year (July 1st 2019 – June 30th 2020). The 6 month option is only available to brand new members.
  • Junior is for under 18’s only.
  • Newbies are able to attend a maximum of 3 race meets as a visitor before deciding whether or not to join.
  • Spectators can come to all race events without membership.
  • Exclusive events include awards nights, official club meetings and extra events such a night racing or qualifying events.

If you’re just a mate who wants to be part of the community but you live interstate, don’t fly, or can’t attend race meets for whatever reason, we now offer a simple “Social” membership, $10 for the year. CLICK HERE 😀

  • Stay involved with the community in the official Facebook group and secret members chat.
  • May get a small warm fuzzy feeling.
  • Works out to be 2.7 cents per day, we will use this money wisely.


 Membership  Club Only Club + MAAA (New Members ONLY) Club + MAAA (Pre-Existing Members)
Race Meets & Practise Days
MAAA Cover   MAAA ✔ (Jan20-June20) MAAA ✔ (July19-June20)
Warm and Fuzzy Feelings
Junior Fees



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MAAA $36 Club: $12.50


MAAA $72 Club: $12.50


Senior Fees



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MAAA $72 Club: $25


MAAA $144 Club: $25