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We are pleased to announce that full year memberships are now available for the 2020-2021 membership year.

Eastside FPV are fully affiliated with the VMAA, MAAA, AUFPV.

  • 12 month membership period begins on the 1st July 2020 and ends on 30th June 2021.
  • You are required to have membership and insurance coverage with the MAAA to fly at Eastside FPV. If you don’t have existing coverage you can join here with the MAAA options below.
  • IMPORTANT: Existing members are eligible for an early bird discount – The VMAA, MAAA and Eastside FPV acknowledge the difficult circumstances and impacts to clubs over the past few months in regards to bushfires, floods and COVID19. In recognition of this, an Early Bird discount for current members will apply. Fees paid by the 31 July 2020 will have the discount applied. This doesn’t apply to new MAAA members, only those who previously held a membership in any year prior to 2020.
  • Junior is for under 18’s only.
  • Newbies are able to attend a maximum of 3 race meets as a visitor before deciding whether or not to join.
  • Spectators can come to all race events without membership.
  • Exclusive events include awards nights, official club meetings and extra events such a night racing or qualifying events.
  • Gold Membership: for the past couple of years we have ran an additional membership option called “Gold”. This is for those dedicated, regular racers that want to support the club’s growth by paying an additional amount. This money has been crucial in the club having the best equipment in the country, including purchasing new gates/flags, world-class live streaming setup, and other items such as gazebos/tables/chairs etc. We love our gold members and thank them incredibly for their extra support! As a bonus each year they’ll receive a limited edition merch item, and have their names immortalised on a banner or track element.


 Membership  JUNIOR (U/18) SENIOR
New MAAA Member

Club $20, VMAA $27, MAAA $45 = $92


Club $40, VMAA $54, MAAA $90 = $184


New MAAA Member

Including Club Gold

Club Gold $55, VMAA $27, MAAA $45 = $127


Club Gold $90, VMAA $54, MAAA $90 = $234


Existing MAAA Member

Club $20, VMAA $12, MAAA $35 = $67


Club $40, VMAA $39, MAAA $80 = $159


Existing MAAA Member

Including Club Gold

Club Gold $55, VMAA $12, MAAA $35 = $102


Club Gold $90, VMAA $39, MAAA $80 = $209


Club Membership Only

Club $20


Club $40


Club Membership Only

Including Club Gold

Club Gold $55


Club Gold $90